Day Tours

Our half or full day getaways are an ideal way to see a different side of a city when your time is limited. Meticulously designed to get the most out of a full or half day's cycling as well as experiencing the culture and history, our tours cover classic sites and the unexpected enclaves that will make your tour memorable and unique. Take in Vietnam's local and little known jungle or the nearby floating market, head out of Chiang Mai to ride along the river to a temple, or explore the environs outside of Hanoi. These trips are a delightful day out for the individual adventurer, couples or the whole family.

Overnight Tours

Take a bit more time to immerse yourself into the local culture with one of Le Vietnam Cycle Tours multi-day adventures. These tours last from two to four days and give you the opportunity to dig deeper into the local way of life while offering a broader range of cycling styles. After a great day of fully supported cycling with our friendly guides, you can enjoy languid evenings, indulging in the excellent local food and a few drinks with your travel companions. Explore the ruins of Angkor, the hills and caves around Luang Prabang, take an overnight tour of Vietnam's burgeoning wine district, or choose from any of our other exciting trips. These short but outstanding adventures are a great way to spend a few days

Classic Tours

You agree as we do that cycling is the best way to see a country and your ideal holiday is combining bicycling with seeing sights, learning history, absorbing culture and meeting other like-minded adventurous cyclists. These journeys have been well researched to take you on the best route, which usually means a combination of tarmac and dirt roads, to see stunning scenery, interesting sights and along the way eat delicious food and stay at unique accommodation. We recommend riding a mountain bike for these tours and a support vehicle will follow the group on almost all sections of the ride (unless otherwise specified in the itinerary)

Heritage Tour

A Heritage Tour is for you if you love seeing sights, learning history, immersing yourself in the culture and want to do more than being driven from point to point in a bus. By bicycle you will be able to immerse yourself in the heritage of a country, be it ancient ruins, the natural environment, or the cuisine. These well-researched tours take you on the best routes to see stunning scenery, historically significant sites and along the way eat delicious food and stay at unique accommodation. included in the tour costs is a mountain bike with suspension forks and helmet.

Road Bike Tours

For those who want to cover ground but still enjoy local atmosphere and colour, our road tours stick to well-paved roads, while still encompassing varied scenery and a huge range of cultural experiences. While the distances on road trips are longer than other types of tours, the roads are smooth and mostly flat, making the riding easier. Our road trips are an excellent way to maintain or regain your fitness level while enjoying a fantastic holiday. We suggest riding a road bike, standard touring bike or a hybrid bike and a support vehicle will follow the group with plenty of cold drinks and snacks.

Mountain Bike Tours

For those who enjoy riding on dirt trails and don't mind a few technical sections then these tours were designed for you. We take you off road on single-track and jeep tracks, use wooden bridges to cross rivers or ride down volcano craters so please be aware that vehicle support is not always able to follow. These tours will expose you to spectacular scenery, to local culture and offer you the perfect place to eat and rest after a challenging day of riding. A hardtail mountain bike with suspension forks or a full suspension bike is required.

Multi-Activity Tours

For those who want to combine a few different adventure activities in one tour, Le Vietnam Cycle Tours  has a collection of multi-activity tours.


Family Bike Tours

Kids love to cycle and a cycling tour in Asia provides a fun, active and unique adventure for the whole family. Whether on a half day cycle tour or a week long cycling adventure, the challenge and satisfaction creates a great family bonding experience.

On Request

If our scheduled tour dates don't match your holidays, or if you're looking for a unique experience tailored exactly to how much riding you want to do then lets us design a custom tour for you. Whether it is a reunion of old friends or a more intimate special journey for two, our expertise in running cycling tours around the region means we can accommodate any request, and of course provide full vehicle support, meals and accommodation to your specifications. Just contact us and we'll get back to you with the perfect cycling tour made to order for you.

Pop-Up Tours

Pop-Up tours will spring up throughout the year – they will be short, of different standards and difficulty and will take advantage of long weekends.



At LE VIETAM CYCLE TOURS we can tailor-make your adventure exactly how you want it. Whether it is tweaking an existing itinerary, booking a standard tour on a different date, or creating your own unique one!

With over a decade of experience in developing tours you can be assured that every element of your tour will be carefully personalized to your wishes, needs and budgets.