In vietnam,the teritory is narrow and long,so the weather is very complicated,but generally,there two choices:rainny or sunny.so we recomment you to bring:

Sun cream,sun-glasses,cab,long sleave clothes,a light puncher,mosquito repellian,torch,slippers.your favourite snacks,energy bars..wet towels,marlaria tablets,diarrhoer tablets,paracetamol..


In central maket in Saigon,or Old quater in Hanoi,there are very things,and of course,you will buy some thing or you need anything you can easily find them.So pack your bag tidely and as small as you can.

The following list is a guide to what you should think about bringing.It is by no means the definative list,so don't blame us if you forget some thing or neglect to bring a favourite(sweets,snacks..)or prized item.


  • Helmet-this will be supplied.
  • Gloves-make sure they are well paddeed.you really need it.
  • Cycling shirts-coolmax shirts are great,baggy mountain bike tops or general bike shorts,bring at least three.
  • Cycling shorts-well padded Lycra and guys,you may like to wear baggy shorts over the top to keep preserve some modesty whist riding
  • Cycling Shoes-stiff soled cycling shoes are recommened,very good quqlity sandals work and give your feet some extra ventilation,whilst a decent pair of trainers will be fine.If you want to ues SPDs you must bring your own shoes,cleats and pedals.
  • Camelback-not compulsory but we cannot recommend their ues hightly enough.You will be riding in the tropics and you can never drink enough water!A camelback is a great way to keep hydrated.
  • Small backpack-for carring cameras,sun cream,money,and essential items while riding.
  • Saddle-It is highly recommened to bring your own saddle(if you don't have ues ours)

If you can't buy them,you can order from us.



  • Cap-a lightweight cycling or baseball cap is ideal.
  • Bandana or sweat-band-useful for keeping the sweat out of your eyes.
  • Water proof jacket-a dedicated gore-tex cycling jaket is recommended but anything light is okay.
  • T-shirts-you have opportunity to buy them a long the way but bring some to start with.
  • Dress slacks or skirts-In Asia,it is wise to have something smart and difnified to wear in the evernings,especially in the larg towns and cities.
  • Shorts-most of the time shorts are fine.
  • shirts and tops-comfortable and functional.Ladies,try to keep your top modest and avoid'spaghetti strings' and 'halter tops'.
  • Socks-some for cycling and some for covering your ankles in the evernings.
  • Undrwear-you call.
  • Shoes-one good pair as welll as a pair of sandals or something comfortable.



Make sure you have at least 6 months validity passport and also some extra spare pages for entrying.visa for Vietnam need to be applied for in advance of arriving in the country,Cambodian visas can be obtained easily at the border and cost around 25 USD.In Thailand most countries will recieve a visa on arrival free of charg-please that you arte nationality is one that recieve a visa on arrival.

Bring some photocopies of your passport details(with visa on it)


We hightly insist that all clients must wear a helmet when cycling and must take out travel insurance before joing a bike tour.We will ask you to sigh our Liability Release Form when you arrive before you may join the tour.

We cann't held reponsible for your personal saferty,althuogh we will take every precaution oossible to ensure your safe enjoyment of the tour.Please follow your leader instructions on all maters related to saferty.Your tour leader is trained in first aid kit and emergency recuse,but to a large degree you must be reponsible for your own saferty while riding.

Bring some photocopies of your insurances.


Most meals on tours are included.And you should be aware that for most meals we serve Vietnamese/Cambodian or Asian style.Vietnamese cuisine is now known thruoghout the world as one of  Asia's great cuisines,similar to Chinese,it also can be compared to Thai. Although it has a character and essence that is uniquely Vietnamese. Cambodian's cuisine is also a wonderful discovery for most people. Rice is the staple.although you will also try may noodle dishes,and will be served most of meals. Food is a big feature of  Le Vietnam Travel and we will try to introduce to you as many new dishes and flavors as we can. Most people thoroughly enjoy the food on the tours,but if you and a problem with Asian food there are opportunities to go 'western' in the main towns.

Breakfast is usually more conservative and since the French coconization of Vietnam and Cambodia,bread has been a staple. Bread is usually baguettes , omelets and jams.Lunch will usually be packed,rice or noodles,with lots of fruits,snacks,,we eat dinner together each night and will involve a number of shared dishes.We work hard to make sure dinner is an authentic feast worthy of hardworking cyclists,specially are travelling with  Le Vietnam Travel ,we are conecter -you and local, so you will be served very authentic!


Tourism can be a real help to local communities providing income,positive cultural exchanges and an incentiveto protect the natural environment.Recognizing that there is always room for improvement,we continually strive to narrow the gap between principal and practice.

As a traveler you can also play a role in this.Included the information we provide here is advice on how to be a responsible traveler and you are welcome to talk to our local tourguides about any specific queries you may have.