We are joint venture - VIETNAM AND NEWZEALAND Family


One beautiful day of August 2008,a family from NZ name: RYAN-PHILIP BRUCE RYAN,SHARRON LEA RYAN,LIAM BRUCE RYAN,EMMA LEA RYAN,SARAH ELIZABETH RYAN)and their friends-ALLAN JOHN McLOCAN,JACQUELINE ANN VAN DAM,TIMOTHY DANIEL HAUGLEY-came to Vietnam for four day three night cycling trip in Mekong Delta.

After the bicycle trip, Pip and Sharron decided to set up this comapy to share the special experience to others arround the world who would like to see the real Vietnam


Many tourists complaint that they meet almost the same tourists where ever they visit when they travel along Vietnam like Hanoi, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Saigon.. it is hard to discover the daily life of locals, the beauty that hidden. So with the help of The Ryans, Le Vietnam Travel was found to show you the authentic of Vietnam.

Le Vietnam Travel understand what you like to see, where you like to vist, what you would like to hear, We have been in the tourism industry from the very begining, when Vietnam just opened his door for tourists.

So Le Vietnam Travel was found to organize bicycle tours for you to discover the real Vietnam.

We will not talk more about us, let's come and travel with us, you will get the ball.